Un abécédaire pour l’École René-Guénette (An Abecedarium for René-Guénette Primary School).

This project features a different hand-drawn image for every letter of the alphabet to form a puzzle-like abecedarium for the students of an elementary school in the Montreal North neighbourhood of Montreal, QC. Images in the abecedarium come from the fields of science, nature, history, industry and the arts. Its impact is not in the individual letters alone, but in the spirit of openness to the world that is represented by the whole.

Location: École primaire René-Guénette, Montreal, QC, Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île.

Dimensions: 832 x 577 cm, waterjet cut porcelain.

Installed in 2015.

Installation photos: Guy L’Heureux

Chelsea en métamorphose/Chelsea in Metamorphosis.

The theme centres around Chelsea’s history as an important stop on the Gatineau River logging run. Former communities in the municipality were submerged when the river was dammed. The title also refers to the environmentally friendly goals of the contemporary municipality.

The materials are glass printed with ceramic frit and waterjet cut granite. Please note that the municipality intends to create an integrated landscaping surrounding the base of this installation.

Location: Meredith Community Centre, Municipality of Chelsea, QC.

Glass dimensions: 735 x 350 cm, Granite: 325 x 350 cm.

Installed in 2012.

Enclos et voies navigables/Enclosures and Waterways.

These paintings are on either side of a stage, in the gym of an elementary school. The space also functions as a public theatre and assembly room. Inspiration for this project stems from Cantley’s early history in logging, the building of the Rapides-Farmers Hydroelectric station, and the present community undergoing urban transformation and technological innovation.

The location of this school is in a rural community, on the edge of a larger urban centre, led to this reflection on the global situation in which urban centres are growing and agricultural and natural resources are dwindling

Location: École de la Rose-des-Vents, Cantley, QC. Commission scolaire des Draveurs.

Two paintings measuring 167 cm x 335 cm each. Total size: 167 cm x 670 cm. Oil on 6 wooden torsion panels.

Installed in 2009.